It’s finally official. The IEEE 2675-2021 – IEEE Standard for DevOps: Building Reliable and Secure Systems Including Application Build, Package and Deployment is now an approved standard.

The view looks good through IEEE 2675 DevOps glasses

Two years of hard has lead this team of international collaborators to produce an excellent standard on DevOps. Certainly, we had our work cut out but we believe that you the standard is an invaluable tool to inform your strategy moving forward. Evangelists for change can now argue their point with the standard to show clear steps moving forward. The standard is comprehensive covering aspects from the agreement process right through to disposal. Perhaps this is something that Knight Capital could have learned from ultimately saving them $440 million by defining a clear disposal process. Viewing your processes through DevOps glasses at all times helps build up a 360o view of the SDLC which can help identify weaknesses so that they can be dealt with early.

The standard describes the software development life cycle paying particular attention to aspects such as:

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Security

Hardly new you might say. However when we consider that this standard describes processes to enable the development of from requirements to retirement we must now look at in a new light. To support these aspects fully the topics must be considered part of a continuous improvement process. Automating processes & practices aids consistency, governance and improves timelines to enable exploration of dynamic opportunities. Of course it goes without saying that adding Security, Reliability & Safety to the SDLC improves an organizations ability to make informed decision making thereby improving their risk appetite. This change of culture to well informed stakeholders and transparent processes has many additional positive effects not least of which is the support for governance in its many forms.

Will this one standard solve all your problems? I would love to say it will but the change must happen at a deeper organizational level. What this standard will do is to provide the tools needed to enable the process of change. If you want to find out how contact