In a time of a pandemic and multiple recessions I am proud to offer help to small businesses and start-ups. Packages are priced to suit the individual.

Day 1. You finally to the brave step towards starting your business. You know your area of expertise. You know you have a good product that will sell. You don’t know how to use technology for business needs.

Day 2. Contact Craobh Technology Solutions to find out what technologies might best help you move forward keeping within your budget (which may be very low) and within your skill set. Sometimes we need to start with free tools but we don’t know what to use or how to use them. Sometimes we want something more flexible and professional but we don’t know how to manage the tools. Craobh Technology Consultancy can help.

Day 90. You are moving forward at speed. You have the basics running but you know that you have to move on to the next level. Better tools. Automate your email responses and invoices. Expand your website. Craobh Technology Consultancy can advise you on how to do this but more importantly how to plan for the change so that you don’t suddenly lose access to essential services.