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Technology is changing at a fast pace. This brings new opportunities as well as new complexity. Selecting the right solutions to support your business needs can be the difference between becoming a market leader or becoming lost in the vast number of business that fail to keep up. To respond quickly to the changing environment requires strategic planning with long term goals. Technology needs to be understood and assessed for the contribution it can make to supporting your core business. This is not an easy task.

Craobh Technology Consulting can help you relate your needs to the strategies, processes and technologies needed to support your requirements. You don't have the time to learn everything. You need to focus on your business not on the technology needed to support it. Craobh Technology Consulting provides a range of packages to solve the problem of scaling your processes and finding the right technology to support your business needs.

Craobh Tecnology Consulting can help drive your company to the next level with technology solutions.


Strategic IT Planning

Craobh Technology Consulting collaborate with organizations to improve their efficiency by providing tailored consultation services to ensure an improved Return on Investment. Whether business…


Craobh Technology Consulting provides two levels of services to small industry. The first is a set of packages designed to help the new business…


I have spoken at many conferences and events throughout the world on topics ranging from Web Services to DevOps and of course DevSecOps. I…

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