Ruth G. Lennon has worked with industry for over 20 years providing solutions to their requirements. Ruth is a core contributor to the IEEE 2675 – IEEE Standard for DevOps: Building Reliable and Secure Systems Including Application Build, Package and Deployment. This is the defining standard for DevOps. Ruth is also an editor of the DevOps TR for the ISO Agile and DevOps WG29 for the ISO.

Ruth has been interviewed for her work on DevOps with many different organizations across the world and has presented talks at a number of conferences. Refer to the Speakers page for a sample of recent engagements. One key point the Ruth makes continuously is that clear, timely communications combined with knowledge repositories can save significant time and money for companies. This is something we all need.

As you might expect with a DevOps standard the intention is to continuously improve and update the standard. To read more about the DevOps standard refer to the IEEE Website below or contact Ruth directly.