Craobh Technology Consulting was created to solve the frustrations that many of our contacts had expressed. Simple, elegant solutions are often better than complex ones. This is true for business processes as well as systems development processes. To this end my core principles are:

  • Listen carefully to customer requirements
  • Provide feedback on the process at all times
  • Promote quality, security and performance in all solutions
  • Take pride in what I do

Ruth G. Lennon,
Craobh Technology Solutions

“It is our responsibility to promote high quality, secure, and efficient solutions today that we will still be proud of in the years to come.” Ruth G. Lennon

Craobh Technology Consulting Logo

You may wonder why the logo includes the image of a woman. I attend many events and speak at a number of conferences. Often I am one of only a handful of women in a room of a hundred or more male technologists. Unfortunately there is a very small percentage of women in the field of computing. There are even less women in technology. I am proud to be a company director, a technology expert, a software developer and a woman. As a hobby I like to find ways to support other technologists. I encourage women to study computing and to join industry or start their own business.

The name Craobh Technology Consulting comes from a Gaelic word Craobh meaning a branch. The word is pronounced ‘crave’ like hunger. The meaning of branching fits well with both software version control systems and branching in networks which again fits nicely with aspects of DevOps. We are many things. We are complex. We may crave simple and elegant systems but it takes time to get there. We must focus on continuous improvement. That is where I can help.