I have spoken at many conferences and events throughout the world on topics ranging from Web Services to DevOps and of course DevSecOps. I have focused on improving efficiency and security through improvements in process and technology. I strongly believe that the application of small changes can result in large improvements. We simply have to make the choice to make the change and to support the team in the process of navigating from one technique to another. As a member of standardization committees and working groups combined with more than 20 years experience I believe that I can speak to simple changes that can make a great improvement to your business.

I have also spoken on the need to improve the number of women in computing. This is essential as diversity in mindset provides greater improvement. At a number of events I have spoken of my turbulent journey to one of computing. The path was certainly not straight but with clear goals it is possible to move forward to the career of your choice. As Chair of the ACM-W Europe I am confident that we can increase the diversity of our production and development teams.

I have spoken in Webinars for conferences and for interviews.