DevOps, DevSecOps, WebOps, SecOps, DataOps, MediaOps. We are back to building silos to protect our specialist domain. Which is more important? Dev? Design? WebDev? Data? I could go on of course but I hope you can already see that we need them all. Each area provides a different perspective on the problem and enhances the solution. So why call them out? Do we really need a RequirementsDesignRiskSecurityVerifcationValidationOperationsDevelopmentIntegrationTestAnalyticsMonitoringDeploymentMaintenance Name? Ok, there are some of you shouting at the screen to say “You forgot X, I can’t believe she didn’t list X”. Look at what I have written. It is already a line and a half long and this is not everything. The list is not, and cannot be, considered exhaustive.

We need to communicate. We need different perspectives. When did we become so precious and possessive about our work that we lost sight of the goal. Let us take pride in our work as a contribution to a greater goal. We are only part of the chain. It takes many people with different skill sets to produce a quality product.

Whatever your choice of term (DevOps 😉 make sure that your focus remains firmly on the end goal. Providing a high quality service to the customer.

Ruth G. Lennon